A SERIOUS OTT Water Cooled PC. (Clocked at over 5Mhz)

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This is for the sale of an unfinished Water Cooling Project.. - please do not make silly offers. Okay, this started off as an out and out overclocking project with a how far can you go mentality..the first image shows the OLD system, and it was clocked at 5.3Mhz but ran all day at 4.99Mhz but for peace of mind, I ran it at 4.80Mhz. I started the project in 2013 by buying a new case – the almighty and heavy Corsair 800D Case. I then upgrade the Motherboard for an even better and more aggressive overclockable ASUS P877v-Pro board. I added a massive triple fan rad to the top of the case with three independently controllable quiet fans. A 2nd rad for the new ASUS Video Card and a 3rd rad for the new memory (which I think is 4x 4Gb (16Gb) but is more likely to be 4x 8Gb (32Gb) but if I say 16Gb and you get 32Gb then you are quids in.. either way it is either some of KINGSTON's or CRUCIAL's finest and cost a fortune at the time. So the i7 Sandy Bridge CPU, the Quality RAM and the upgraded Video Card are all water cooled.I have added a new Lamprtron 6 way Temp Controller (still needs to be finally set up it is almost done).. but was their top of the line controller in 2014. * It has two quality pumps which can be independently controlled.. one is board controlled and one is it's own sound deaden case * It has 3x DVD player/writers* It has 1x Corsair 128 SDD* It has 3x 500Gb SATA HDD (2x Western Digital and 1 x Seagate) The list just goes on and on but basically I have spent about £3000 to get this far...but I just have not time to finish off plus I travel a lot and now use a high spec laptop for most of my work, so this unit is just taking up space in my kitchen.. all it really needs is about an hour or two to just finish off a few wiring and jumpers to be set up .. and a screen to set up Windows and for you to configure it the way you want. With the new ASUS P8 Z77v Pro board and the new ram and the increased and better cooling 5+ MHz should be really easy to get and maintain – but to reach that you need to be geeky with overclocking background and experience and have the confidence to play with the settings on the M/B. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/P8Z77V_PRO/ About 90% of all the water cooling gear was purchased new from - http://www.candccentral.co.uk/ This is a buy it as you see it. It is not set up to be working before you buy, you will need my 620 +Positive Feedback to trust me and know that my word is good and that this is an excellent buy foranyone who wants a bargain in the pc department. I will only sell this to a person who comes to see it in person. It weighs around 20ish kilos so it will NOT be getting posted anywhere… come see it, buy it and take it away.. please do not ask for a reduced sale price as the parts alone come to a £1000 and more so it is worth for me to keep it and put it to one side until a rainy day - I am really after the space and for my mates to stop asking me when am I going to finish it and allow me to get to use my kitchen table again. The water cooling system has been bleed and thus needs to remain upright for transportation - it takes forever to bleed the system so don't mess it up by putting it on its side. I think a £1000 is a bargain – the case cost over £250, the Asus M.B cost over £250, then add in a wicked, power supply, three decent HDD and Corsair SDD, the three rads, the RAM and their cooling, a decent ASUS video card and cooling, the excellent and very clockable INTEL i7 CPU which was £300+ and I think you can see that it all has a scrap value of over £1000 so that is all I am asking.. I have just added some more images of the pc as it was when last updated. I ask anyone interested to call me, message me, contact me and talk to me, once you see it on my kitchen table, if you are interested enough to call, to travel and see, you will buy. The images show the old case and the old setup using a blue dye, the new case before I started to build it and the overclocked speed of just 5Mhz.with the new gear I am sure it could be pushed harder.. but even at 4.8MHz, for 2017 this is still pretty fast and rock solid stable. There are no new images of the new setup as it is still a work in progress (but I willget some images up as soon as I can and the water has a purple dye now. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/pc-components/motherboards/asus-p8z77-v-pro-1078650/reviewI am using the i7 Sandy Bridge chip, one of the best over clocking chips in the i7 range. I CAN SAY WITH 110% CONFIDENCE - EVERYTHING WORKS AND I WILL STAND BY THAT Parts list - message for a my invoiced list SALE PRICE: Between and PayPal as much as an additional 16.5% can be added to my buy it now price and my postal charges (depending on what is being sold and for how much), so I take this into account when I state a price by first deciding how much I actually want for the item and then adding those additional (approx.) charges (which most of us seem to forget about).. so for example, an item sold for £1000 with express and secure postal costs of £27.50 will cost me approx.. £65.00 for PAYPAL - £100.00 for EBAY and £4.50 for postage, thus reducing my sale by approx.. £169.50.. therefore some sales are best if they are collected in person and paid either in cash or by bank transfer and I will pay the fees but save on the Paypal fees. SO MY QUOTED PRICES MAY INCLUDE AT LEAST AN ADDITIONAL 10% IN MY FINAL CALCULATIONS TO TRY AND COVER THOSE SHORTFALLS. 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