PC Case

PC Computer Parts and spares and iKASU 54m Wireless Broadband Router £19.99 

Akasa Noise Reduction Mat Designed for Full ATX PC Case £15.85 

0761345-08943-2 Antec Minuet 350 Slimline PC Case (Piano Black) £139.19 

eXXtreme CPU Motherboard, HDD & PC Case Assembly Screws - 50 Pack £3.0 

Corsair Air AF120 Performance Edition Twin Pack £40.32 

PC Case Gaming business allround Computer Tower includes Power supply £39.34 

Akasa Noise Reduction Mat Designed for Full ATX PC Case Sound insulation £12.0 

Corsair Air SP140 LED Twin Pack £38.17 

2X(PC Case Mainboard Power on/off Push Button Switch Connector Cable 5pcs 20CF) £1.97 

Corsair Air SP120 LED £23.74 

Corsair Air SP120 LED £23.66 

Corsair Air SP140 LED £26.08 

Corsair Air SP120 LED Twin Pack £32.88 

Corsair Air SP140 LED £26.14 

Dell Precision T5500 Computer PC Case Chassis XX292 w/ DVD-Rom 875W PSU W299G  £82.0 

StarTech.com Deluxe Assortment PC Screw Kit - Screw Nuts and Standoffs - NEW £27.91 

Corsair Air AF120 £23.58 

Corsair Air SP140 LED £25.08 

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 £61.9 

StarTech.com Mounting PC Case Fan Screws - 50 Pack FANSCREW £10.23